The Dental Implant Surgical Seminar (DISS) team brings first world dentistry around the world at no charge to the patients. DISS provides highly informative lectures, “hands on” presentations as well as technical guidance. DISS surgeons and dental professionals in its programs, provide offers hands on assistance in guided and non guided implant surgery and sinus lift procedures at the state of the art clinics of University of Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala (UFM). This training helps practitioners be confident about applying their newly acquired techniques in their own practices.


Unlike other programs currently available, the DISS team provides continuous mentoring for all surgical residents long after the course is over. DISS also helps its practitioners carefully monitor the patients they serve and offers long term follow up care after the restorative goals have been met. The DISS commitment to full service is just one of the valuable services that makes this program unique as compared to all others. The program is also designed to provide cost effective implant surgery, improve patient oral health awareness in your communities and overall practice productivity. Now, as part of a pilot program, your patients can participate some of our free programs, with continued follow up by you, the doctor!


Participating patient(s) will be responsible only for air fare and hotel (approx 2 day stay). And you, as their care provider, will be able to conduct the implant surgical process on your own, under the supervision and guidance of DISS faculty. It’s up to you whether you and the patient as to whether you would like to do the surgery yourself, under supervision of one of our instructors, or, if you would rather the instructor perform part or all of the procedure. Its your choice! It is also up to you and your patient to decide how much you would like to charge and for what services. The patient is still yours, we just provide the service.






  • First agree on a treatment plan with your patient.


  • Then invite them to get their implants done at UFM during the implant training seminar at no cost to them.


  • We recommend that, since the patient is saving money on the implants, have your patient make a commitment to the treatment plan by paying for the restorative portion of the treatment up front. In most cases the patient will save anywhere from 50-70% on the total of the treatment depending on the restorative options.


  • For the cost of a two night hotel stay (approx $250) and the cost of the flight to Guatemala (approx $850 with seasonal fluctuations) a patient needing 1-8 implants can get them done for a savings that can range from $1,000-$15,000 depending on how many implants are needed.



This will help you provide cost effective treatment to your own patients, you will increase practice productivity and you can offset the cost of the program with the payment or deposit you get for the restorative work. Everybody wins. We look forward to adding you to the DISS Community. We are excited about this special offer so if you have any question please feel free to contact Janet at 718.956.7800.





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I went to my dentist in New York and he offered to do FREE implants for me in Guatemala through DISS. I got picked up at the airport and taken to my hotel, I also got private transportation from hotel to the clinic. The doctors were very professional, the staff was amazing, and the clinic was bright and modern.


I have told my friends and family, if they want to do implants, they should only go to Guatemala with DISS. I never thought I could afford implants, and I am so happy I did it.


I just want to thank everyone at DISS for giving me a reason to smile.


– Ana Marino

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