The purpose of the DISS USA implant course, is to place general practitioners on a solid foundation at the start of their career in dental implant treatments, by providing the skills to identify and execute basic dental implant procedures.


The program is designed for licensed practitioners who want to increase their surgical skill level in guided and non guided dental implant surgery. This two day course will provide a full day of lectures and technical introduction to guided surgery followed by a full day of hands on surgical training on live patients.


All practitioners are required to provide a copy of their current dental license as well as a copy of the liability insurance with no less than 1-3 million in coverage. Practitioners are also required to bring their patients to this course where DISS will instruct, guide and supervise the procedures. The course will count for 16-20 CE credits.

Dr. Jose Rodrigo Cayarga de la Hoz

For more information on upcoming DISS USA courses, please contact:


Janet Santiago



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