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When placing implants, the pneumatization of the sinus cavity or alveolar bone resorption  can present a  challenging condition in the maxillary posterior region.


Posterior maxilla reconstruction of the sinus and alveolar ridge is the procedure of  choice for recreating  the bone quality and quantity  patients need in order to allow the placement of the  dental implant.  This ultimately offers the  predictability of the success of the implant  in this region.


This procedure involves the augmentation of the internal and external aspect of the posterior maxilla/sinus. With the advancement of  sinus graft surgical techniques, proper equipment and instrumentation we can  treat most posterior maxillary sinuses. This procedure has been  well documented in the literature and  offers a predictable high level  success rate.


The purpose of this course is to teach all our DISS residents (participants) how to properly diagnose the patient and  how to treatment plan for sinus graft and implant surgery. We will  instruct you in cutting edge  dental graft material and instrumentation as well as  including our computer guided course and science of using PRF




1. Diagnose proper patient for sinus graft

2. Learn about sinus graft techniques

3. Treatment plan the patient for sinus graft

4. Learn how to read the Ct-scan

5. Learn about computer guided surgery and sinus graft

6. Use of Computer guide to place implant(s) simultaneously with sinus graft

7. Use of piezo system for create the sinus opening and reflection of membrane

8. Learn about PRF technique in combination with sinus graft

9. Follow up and troubleshooting with the sinus procedure

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