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The Dental Implant Surgical Seminar (DISS) helps general and restorative dentists expand their private practice into implant surgery. The seminar provides a thorough introduction to the basics of dental implant surgery and hands-on training in soft tissue management and anatomical structures.


The DISS Implant seminar consists of two days of lectures and two days of surgery. Lectures are given by veteran practitioners who have placed thousands of implants and held academic positions in implantology at highly regarded institutions such as the New York University College of Dentistry. Digital lecture files are provided to each participant. Then, all participants get a hands-on surgical experience, placing multiple implants in live patients through computer guided surgery. All surgeries are performed at the state-of-the-art UFM facility and are supervised by the DISS team of implant surgeons.


The advantage of DISS is that you will practice on your first patient's 3D-printed jaw model before the actual surgery. This feature of the course allows you to be comfortable and confident before your first surgery, and it improves patient outcomes and overall experience. Credits from DISS can be used toward the required 100 hours of implant education necessary for ICOI Fellowship. In addition, participants will receive 40 CE credits.

Course Information


Course Title: Dental Implant Surgical Seminar

Course location: Guatemala

Course Date: February 18-25th, 2019

Speakers: Dr. Omid Termechi, Dr. Raymond Rophie, Dr. Roberto Galindo

Instructors: Dr. Omid Termechi, Dr, Alexander Birnbaum, Dr, Rodrigo Cayarga, Mr. Koorosh Aghakhani: Laboratory Technician

Validation Code: VBP

CDE credit hours: 40




Course Outline


Day 1 - February 18th

Lecture:               Basics of Dental Implant Surgery:              Dr. Omid Termechi


Day 2 - February 19th

Digital Implantology:     From Planning to Restoration by:       Raymond Rophie


Day 3 - February 20th

Clinical hours               Live surgery


Day 4 - February 21st

Soft Tissue Management:

Periodontitis and Implant Maintenance:        Dr. Roberto Galindo


Day 5 - February 24th

Basic Concepts in Sinus Graft:

From Diagnosing to Treatment Planning:      Dr. Omid Termechi


Day 6th - February 25th

Clinical Hours                Live surgery

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I have been practicing dentistry for over three decades, and have taken many, many courses. However, no course can remotely compare to the DISS course that I just took in Guatemala, directed by Dr. Omid Termechi. The lectures and the clinical experience were top notch. The facility was state of the art, and the staff and patients were exceptional. Every detail was thought of in advance, and executed to perfection. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to expand their knowledge and expertise in the placement of dental implants in both a guided and a free hand modality. To be able to place between 15-20 implants, and experience very informative lectures within a four day course is commendable. Great job DISS!


Stuart Feintuch (drfinetouch.com)

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