IMPLANT COURSE guatemala February 24-26, 2020
SINUS LIFT COURSE guatemala February 26-28, 2020
IMPLANT COURSE New york Nov 24 & Jan 12, 2019/20
DISS fall & winter
WHAT the DISS 2019 Participants are saying



My name is Doctor Chana Perl and I am from Hewlett, NY.  I was able to bring a patient to have his implant surgery done at no charge, a procedure I would have referred out.


The state of the art facility was a pleasure to work in. The clinical instructors were very hands on guiding me through the procedure.  The surgical experience was amazing, the faculty and Dr. Termechi was amazing. The course was very well planned and executed. The accommodation were amazing.   This experience clearly surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend this program  for anyone considering taking an implant course. I am very happy I came and will continue to have Dr. Termechi as a mentor.


If you are a observant Jew and worry about kosher meals or having a course that doesn’t overlap with shabbos or Jewish holiday, worry not, Dr. Termechi has thought of all those details for you.

My name is Doctor Michael Rabel and I am from Baton Rogue Louisiana. This program offered me the opportunity to not only do something good for someone In my community, I got to change somebody’s life.


My patient would not have had the resources to pay for his implants but through DISS I was able to place fifteen implants for him at no charge.  DISS delivered  expert guidance, supervision and mentoring throughout the program and the latest in implantology and the future of implant technology.  I highly recommend this course to other practitioners. The state of the art facility is unlike anything I have ever seen or worked in and I am very glad I came. This course was definitely a game changer for me.


I have made a great friend and mentor with Dr. Termechi and will be using his expertise even after I will be going back to my office.  I am very great full about his special DISS social media access set up exclusively for the alumni of the DISS.


My name is Dr. Amir Mofid and I practice in Houston, TX. Having attended different courses to better incorporate Implant Dentistry in my practice, I finally attended the DISS course in Guatemala and was thoroughly impressed with the curriculum. The course was meticulously planned and comprehensive, as Dr. Termechi patiently covered a wide range of key topics. The didactic and hands-on experience allows attendees to not only learn but apply these concepts and practice techniques in a controlled environment.


Furthermore, Dr. Termechi has continued to offer support and guidance beyond the scope of the course by consulting on a number of complex cases in my clinic and performed some cases in my office, and ever since we began collaborating with him the production in our practice has drastically increased.


I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to take their Implant

Dentistry skills to the next level and add value to their dental practice.

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